Custom boat builder online

A brand new boat builder tool has just made it a lot easier to customize your own boat right away. Four easy steps take you through the configuration process for the model you’ve chosen. Along the way, you get an overview of the standard equipment, pick a compatible engine, and add additional packs or options.

How to launch the custom boat builder
The tool is available for every Uttern series and model. Choose any boat on the model overview page and click on the orange ‘Launch boat builder’ button. This loads the boat configurator and leaves you with just one choice before getting started: begin from scratch or pre-load a configuration.

At the moment, the available options are the most popular configuration and the sports setup. Of course, it’s possible to diverge from these configurations at any point. For example, you can switch packs or drop a sports option.

Boat configurator with retail prices included
The custom boat builder is also a great comparison tool. Suggested retail prices are displayed for every element you add or leave out of your boat configuration. For example, different engines are displayed with the additional costs or savings right next to them.

It’s also possible to cherry-pick options like ski poles or swim platforms for exactly the budget you had assigned to extra’s. In the right column, the total price is always shown with and without VAT.

What’s next?
The last step of the boat builder gives you the chance to receive an overview of your customized boat by email. Additionally, you can send your configuration to a friend. Either to make him or her jealous or to consider a joint purchase.

It’s also possible to select a dealer and ask for a quote. This way, you get in touch with an official Uttern dealer near you and you’ll receive a personalized offer next to the suggested retail prices you know already.

Pick a boat and give the custom boat builder a spin right away.